Why temperature keeps rising? Can the sensor not sense lower temperature?

I use APO for proofing sourdough. I prefer the proofing temperature to be between 78-80.

The first time I used the oven to proof, I set the target temperature to be 79. However, the temperature kept rising to 83, 84. etc. I had to STOP to cool down and reset many times during the proofing process.

Then, I tried to set 75F, with the hope it would just rise a few degree if it had to. But no, it kept rising up to 84 85. I had to stop and reset many times like the first time.

I’ve tried different temperature settings, but they all went up passing my target settings. What happened? Isn’t the lowest temperature we can set is 75F???

Is your light off?

Yes I set my light off

Same here. Had the oven for 6 months and this was the first proof try and failed…the proof is in the pudding unfortunately… it cannot keep it @ 75 F.

What is the ambient temp. The oven cannot go below that-

Common sense. It’s bellow (67 atm). If it was over in the house would just keep the dough out. What we end up doing is to crack the door open but this is just a waste. Maybe just need to use the old trick with having the light on and close the door.Or maybe not, since we’re heating the house.