Oven light

Just received my oven for xmas…went through the initial set up, paired it with my app, the oven did an update and now the light in the oven is not working. Any thoughts? I did put in a support ticket as well.

Is the oven working despite the light?

It COULD be temperature-dependent: I have discovered through trial and error that the light stays off it you set the temperature below something like 100 degrees. I thought mine was broken.

Could it be that?

It could also be that that light was broken in transit, so you may be able to just replace the bulb. A drag, for sure, but better than exchange over a bulb.

Good luck!

Yes…oven works fine. When I first got it and went through all initial items, the light worked, but then I went to cook in it and no light. I cooked a chicken yesterday at a higher temp and no light. It could have been a bad bulb that burnt out. I have reached out to Anova…no response yet.





At least its not flickering now. :slight_smile:

You can replace the bulb if you need. Pretty easy.

Well…my husband just looked at it and the screws are not allowing it to unscrew…like they are stripped. My bulb never flickered.

It would have if it kept lit. There is a known issue impacting all ovens.