Searing chilled SV steak

Due to longer time required for SV, I’m intending to SV a piece of dry aged steak at 52°C, then placed in the chiller overnight until I’m ready to sear it (when thawed to room temperature). One advantage (just guessing) is the liquids will be reabsorbed back into the meat for stronger flavor. Ok with this method?

I would say that instead of leaving it out to thaw it at room temperature, I would throw it back into a water bath at the same temperature you had used before.

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Yh, not really. I agree with Alyssa.

If you need to interrupt the usual cook-serve process it’s safer to chill the cooked meat in its SV package and reheat to 52C or so before searing. The liquids won’t be absorbed by the meat. If you want to fortify your steak with that beefy flavour, reduce, strain, and spoon the warm juices over each portion as you serve them. The juices can also be incorporated into a quick pan sauce after searing your steak.

I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be easier to just calculate the number of hours required and start it loke a regular cook. Unless doing so means that you have to start the cook at an inconvenient time (eg. 4am)?

KL, of course it would make more sense to do as you suggest.

With a pricey dry-aged steak you want to minimize the potential for missing it up.
I’m particularly concerned with the “thaw to room temperature” proposal. Surely Yh isn’t going to freeze it?

Unless it’s for breakfast it wouldn’t need to start cooking at 0400.
You want to cook that steak towards the low end of the time and temperature range, - i hope.

Thanks for all the tips and advise. Did as what Alyssa mentioned, keeping the cooked steak sealed and chilled, just before searing, immerse into hot water bath, unpacked and pat-dry and searing. Taste heavenly addictive! :smiley:

But I note that dry-aged steaks generally cooks faster than their fresh counterparts which is a plus point.

Yh, they don’t really cook faster, they require less cooking, which is what i believe you meant. You have the technique mastered now.