Sous Vide this Chewy Roast a 2nd time? 1st time?

I’m successful with sous vide cooking except for roasts like chuck, bottom, sirloin…. My roasts are all 100% grass-fed beef (grass-fed/grass-finished). Cooked at 127F for at least 48 hours. We like rare. Question 1: Can I re-cook (my already chewy cooked roast) for another 24hrs or longer at 127F or lower? Question 2: For future meals - how many days would be best to cook 100% Grass-fed beef roasts, rare - 126 - 128F ? Thank you!

I recommend reading Douglas Baldwin’s ‘Practical Guide to SV Cooking’ for the theory and principles.


I posted my guide in 2008. Many consider it the

The temperature maintained does the chemical ‘magic’. The recipe time is primarily for heat diffusion through the bulk of the piece. A thin piece might require ‘thin’ time, short time, a thick piece requires more time for the heat to diffuse to the center. Of course the devil is in the details of a recipe derived from experience.

Use recipes from experts to learn.

Thanks. Hoping for a quick answer for now. I’ve SV for 6 years. This is the only thing that hasn’t worked. I’ll cook it longer next time.

Here is a 3 pound chuck roast at 14 hours. How is yours different?

The difference is grass-fed/grass-finished vs regular grain fed beef. I can cook a regular, store purchased grain fed roast for 14 hrs and it will be delicious. 100% Grassfed beef is very different. More muscular even with the fat. ALL my 100% grassfed ribeye steaks are cooked for 48 hours at 126F and they are amazing, tri tips I cook a 3 days. I should know better saying this, to cook a tougher piece of meat (especially a 2-3lb 100% grass fed roast) twice as long.