Technical Details of APO SV Mode?

Been through every webpage on the Anova has on the APO and can’t determine what SV mode does, technically speaking. Seems to involve the Wet Bulb thermometer, but what is the operational difference between say, a 150 Degree Farenheit cook at 100% humidity with the SV mode on vs. with it off? Using SV mode when cooking is easy enough but trying to figure out its benefits for other things, like proofing bread.

SV holds a tighter temp range.

Hmmm. Is there a downside to holding a tighter temp range? If not, I’d imagine there would be no need to turn it off and it should just be on all the time.

Might take longer to get to target temp because it aims not to overshoot it.

Surely there is a maximum temperature for sous vide mode? Don’t know as I don’t have an oven but it seems appropriate to me…?

Boiling point is the limit or 212F

Have been looksing for firm answers and watched the Interview Scott H. did with Jason Logsdon and it seems to state that when in Sous Vide mode the oven uses the wet bulb thermometer rather than the dry to account for evaporative cooling. I’m guessing this is the major difference along with the slower to-temp JJ mentioned and I am experiencing, as well.