The straw method for vacuum sealing

Just saw this, alternative way of vacuum sealing:

You need a really strong pair of lungs for this! I often accompany this with the water displacement method so that there’s less air to suck out.

Until the day the straw slips and you have this jet of water heading straight down your trachea :wink:

I’m old enough to remember siphoning gas using a length of old garden hose. I laugh at the danger of a lung full of SV water.

This was the recommended method for extracting air from freezer bags when packing items to be frozen in days of yore.

Struggles with this when using wet marinade for chickens…pukes

Pretty sure most of you have nice, deep kitchen sinks. Some of you may be concerned about wasting water (you could also use your vessel if it’s large and deep enough). Heh…before you heat it up!! :wink:

The water displacement technique gets virtually all of the air out…you don’t have to run the risk of ingesting raw chicken juices and potentially making yourself ill. (how much salmonella tainted chicken juice does it take to make one sick???)
Ooh! Or fresh fish!! Some nice parasites!! :slight_smile:

You leave 2" undone on the ziplock, get all of the air out and move the contents of the bag around in the water to get any bubbles that may be trapped close to your food. Then I finish the seal as I push the bag under water (ok, maybe a drop or two of water may get in, but that will hurt my food how?) :slight_smile:

For meats this seems like a really bad idea.

There is always something like freedom of choice and wisdom, you don’t use the straw method in all cases. Just the ones that fit the circumstances.

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