Top sirloin round steak about 1 inch 180 gram

First time trying Anova for a steak. Yesterday night at around 6 pm I set my Anova to 130 F and 18 hours cooking expect to have my steak for lunch time today it will be around 18 hrs cooking. Will see how it come out. I use cooking pot and ziplock bag and saran wrap to cover the pot, So the pot retains the water see pics.

@Blackoctaupus Just FYI, usually people don’t cook steak longer than four hours or so. Longer cooks change the “texture” of the steak - I hear to a texture more like that of a roast.

The guys on the Youtube channel “Sous Vide Everything” did a comparison of different cook times for steak. Here’s a link to the video they did if you’re curious…

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Great Thank you. Just learning about sous vide. My steak wasn’t bad but wasn’t as tender as expected, Took me a year almost before I commit myself to sous vide and I’m quite sure that I will love it. The reason I went with Anova was this groupe support and the app. It seem it as more support. Now will look at the video and Thank you again Mirozen

Wow great video. Thank you

Long cooks are about allowing time for the breakdown of connective tissue in hard working muscles. Steaks are from low working muscle groups so are naturally tender. As @Mirozen says, 4 hours really should be plenty for a steak, no matter which cut of steak it is.

Welcome to the wonderful world of sous vide @Blackoctaupus. There is a bit of a learning curve ahead of you, but with that comes some good food and some fun experiments.

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@Blackoctaupus Just a suggestion - I think you might find it really worthwhile to review some of the older discussions of this community forum. There are a lot of questions that have been answered, and some of the answers are pure gold. (If you look up answers that have been posted by both @Ember and @chatnoir you will probably have 90% of your upcoming questions answered right there!)


I know what you are saying, before I got my sous vide I read a lot about it. But now that I have it and want to try it as fast as possible, I forgot every thing I read but still want to do it. I read a few post before doing the steak but I knew it wasn’t perfect but had to try it. But you are right reading other post is definitely the answer to most of my question. Maybe one day I will be able to help a newbie like me lol. Now I have to go and read @Ember and @chatnoir until I really understand what I’m doing.

Hey Black:

“Go slow to go fast.”

“Do the work.”

Words to live by in the kitchen.

So you won’t ever forget, get yourself a SV cooking journal, something serious with a hard cover and a good binding. You are going to be using it for a long time. You won’t take a clip board with a few sheets of paper seriously. Start it with all the details of your first cook and most importantly, your evaluation of the outcome and a recommendation for improvement next time. Journalize every cook with both cooking data and your results.
Teach yourself to be a great cook.

Think about why you selected 18 hours and why your Anova reads 135.1F when you plan a 130F cook. We don’t need to know, but you do.

Slow down, and do the work to succeed.
Food and your time are too valuable to be wasted.


Buy yourself a box of ping pong balls on Amazon to replace the wrap. Reusable and water condenses on the ball and stays in the pot - very little loss of water over long cooks. I got orange ones and it really makes me look like I know what the hell Im doing!

Thank you @papabiss

Thank you @chatnoir