Turkey Breast Roll 1kg

I have done some research on how to sous vide a turkey breast and the ideal temp seems to be 63C. This turkey breast roll is from Aldi and weighs 1kg and I was thinking around 2 hours cooking time. Would this be long enough ?

It’s not the weight we need to know but the diameter of the roll. It is the thickness of the roll which will determine how long it will take the warmth to penetrate to the center of the roll.

I’ve been cooking Turkey breast for Xmas dinner (ASDA for us, the nearest Aldi is too far away) in the SV for four or so years, and I do 3hours @ 62.5C for two breasts tied together to make an even thickness (with butter, lemon peel, sage leaves, and pepper) and they have been soft, moist and - for Turkey - delicious each time.

Turkey, like chicken, should be cooked to pasteurisation. The time it takes to do so is dependent entirely upon the thickness of the product.

Original, you should know that as long as your twin-tied turkey breasts are less than 2-inches or 55mm thick they will be Pasteurized using your time and temperature. Those would have to be two very small pieces to be safe. Do you make it a habit to verify the internal temperature achieved?

If they are thicker than 2-inches your family could be playing Christmas food safety roulette.

Is that a real game? Sounds kinda fun. Lost in a game of Thanksgiving food safety roulette, once. The hotel that catered the event took out most of our family.

You have my sympathy. It remains a very popular game at this time of year, Josh.

Many cooks skew the odds by thawing at room temperature and then stuffing the interior with an insulating material like bread, and then letting the turkey sit for half a day after incomplete cooking.

Keep your insant-read thermometer handy.

As long as the breasts are overlapped thick end to thin end, it seems you’d end up with a uniform thickness that is not much thicker than a single breast by itself. Not sure that is what is being done here but if so it should work.

The term ‘roll’ would seem to indicate a log made of several breasts that is thicker than a single breast piece.

Sorry Ember. Should have been more specific in my reply. I was referring to Original’s post regarding stacking two breasts that chatnoir responded to.

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