Using with Google Assistant / Home


I see information on the Anova website about how to connect the APO to Alexa. But we’re a Google household! :slight_smile: I managed to connect Google Assistant to the APO (via the Google Home app). I tried a few commands from those shown for Alexa, but most of them don’t work. One of the few things I can do is heat the oven BUT if I say “Heat oven to 400”, it defaults to the Top Element heating mode. So, a few questions:

  1. Is there a way for me either to (a) have it default to the Rear Convection mode or (b) specify which mode I want it to use?

  2. Is there somewhere a list of commands that work with Google Home/Assistant?

  3. Is there a plan to have more formalized integration with Google as currently exists with Alexa?

  4. Are there any other hacks or workarounds for use with Google?