Weigh Food Down

I have the ANOVA insulated pot which is great! But what are your favorite ways to keep floaters from happening?

Plenty of ideas

I personally alternate 3 ideas, the racks (putting them up side down works too), the knife/spoon in the bag, and the knife/spoon clamped at the bottom of the bag,

if you are not the DIY type of person some products too


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Thanks! I think I am going to try a vacuum sealer

Some foods, vegies mainly, are just going to float due to their makeup. Carrots and celery are notorious. Even with a vacuum sealer and a sous vide rack to hold them upright, celery still gives me grief. I’ve been known to thread a chopstick through the top of my rack to stop packets bobbing above the water line. Fortunately I don’t cook veg very often, though it is really handy to have a pack of cooked celery on hand for making stocks/sauces because it browns up so much more quickly than when it’s raw.

I use ikea pot lid stands “ VARIERA” they are really cheap £5 in the UK (~$7 US), stainless steel and expand to various widths and sizes.

If I am cooking something that is going to float, then I put it upside down in the cooking container… sometimes use one on top of the other to create a cage.

Super versatile, cheap and well built for the job.

An absolute bargain and highly recommended.


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Great idea, love those ikea hacks!

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It often happens that some products just float out, and it terribly infuriates. Basically, it’s all about the weight of certain products. I mainly eat vegetables, fruits, and proteins because of my diet. I have to diet and watch my weight. For this, I even bought a super modern smart scale from https://www.vont.com/product/smart-scale-bathroom-scale-weight-scale/. I try my best, and such nuances motivate me not to give up. Almost all the vegetables that I have to cook come up, and I just put some smaller pan on top, and it works. I do not want to spend money on special devices for this.