Weight needed?

So, tonight is my first time using my sous vide! Do I need to get something to weigh down my steaks (or other food) to ensure they are properly submerged? If so, what do I use?

If you’ve vacuum sealed it then there’s usually no need to weigh it down. But if you do, whatever you have that has some heft, can tak the heat and won’t rust or taint the water will do.

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Meat is usually dense enough to sink on its own no matter if it’s vacuum sealed or done in zip-lock bag with air expelled by immersion method.

There are numerous threads in existence on how to stop your bags from floating. Here is just one that I grabbed in a hurry:

As others have said, meat tends to sink in the water… From my experience, it’s only when I cook something with the bone in, such as short ribs, that I need to use weights to keep it submerged.

Steaks should be OK. As @zqushair said it’s normally bones that float. I generally stick a stainless steel spoon in a back with baby backs. Alternatively, use a bulldog clip on the bottom of the bag and slide a spoon into it; then there’s nothing in the bag with the meat.