Weighting your vacuum bags during cooking

If this technique is already in use, excuse me; my friends/students suggested I post it: When cooking vegetables, I had a difficult time weighting the bags for full immersion…vegetables are typically lighter than water. So, I devised a technique where when I am sealing the bottom of my vacuum bag, I first seal the bottom, then pull the bag out about an inch to an inch&half, then seal again, creating a pouch. Then, I pull out as much bag as needed for the product to be cooked and cut the bag…then cut the side of my pouch off before vacuum-sealing the food into the bag. Before putting the bag into the water bath, I slip an appropriate size/weight stainless steel rod into the pouch.

One of my friends did not have stainless steel rods, so he used two heavy butter knives from his flat wear.

If this is already in use by others, please provide a link where I can see other good ideas for these types of weights.

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Check out this post: Keep bags from floating, some really good ideas on there :slight_smile:

I purchased three inexpensive hinged barbecue racks from Walmart. They work perfectly with everything I have cooked lately to keep the food easily underwater. I have pictures, but do not see how to add them.