Where Can I Get a Perforated Sheet Pan

I recently received the new Anova Precision Oven, and was excited to try out the Roast Chicken 101 recipe, when I noticed that it made mention of a perforated sheet pan. Is there any recommendation for what I should purchase? The included pan has an interior measurement of approximately 14.25"x11", and exterior dimension of approximately 15.75" by 12".

I don’t have any means of accurately measuring in metric scales, however a quick online conversion indicates that the dimensions may be 300mm x 400mm.

Syd, you might want to ask for details from the folks at Anova SUPPORT. Considerate companies make it easy to optimize the use of their equipment. If they mentioned them they might be planning to have them as an accessory or otherwise refer you to a source.

Perforated pans are preferred to roasting on a rack in a pan because they significantly reduce the splatter keeping your oven cleaner. They are also used for combi-oven steaming.

Widely available standard commercial 1/2 size s/s foodservice pans ( 12 3/4" x 10 3/8") will fit your oven. They are made in varying depths, both solid and perforated. The standard 1 1/4-inch deep pans are the most useful. A perforated pan will fit inside your included pan with room to spare, or spend the extra few dollars and get both the solid and perforated standard pans that fit together.

Oh, by the way, to convert inches to metric, an inch is 25.4 mm.

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I’ve noticed in recipes is makes mention of using the perforated pan as if this perforated pan came with the oven.

This may just be my personal pondering’s but I propose the perforated pan was present in the preproduction product.

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Perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I need the perforated pan also (as shown in some of the cooking videos) I tried to purchase a perforated pan on amazon and noticed that all of them are too large for these ovens so it looks like if we are to get one Anova is going to have to have someone make one.
I called their support, and while the gentleman was very nice, he could not help me.

I used a rack big enough to fit the tray.

If you do the roast chicken recipe, read instructions very carefully. Mine were still bleeding around the thigh bone.

I found a 9" X 13" aluminum perforated pan that can fit inside the oven. It is a Crestware model number SP913P. If you do a search on the web for “Crestware SP913P”, you will see a number of sellers showing up. I just ordered 2. Will see how they work when I receive them. They do need to sit on the rack, though.

Unless you’re fond of oven cleaning you need to place the perforated pan on a rimmed pan to contain the fluids.

It’s best to use a sheet pan smaller than the oven racks to permit ample air and steam circulation.