Where is the juice?

I have been using the Anova for about a year. In doing beef at 128f, the meat is perfect, as far as all being medium rare, but it’s never juicy inside. My wife wants me to cook the beef on the grill, like I used to. Any suggestions, sear first???

Bill, it’s said that a happy wife males a happy life, cook the beef on the grill.

Pre-searing won’t improve your results. She is experiencing thermodynamics in action. Her observation of meat being juicy when grilled is partly an illusion since the moisture content is likely considerably less in total when grilled due to increased moisture loss through evaporation at higher temperatures.

When the meat is being grilled the moisture in the meat migrates away from the heat source towards the centre. When she cuts into the meat the moisture accumulated in the middle flows out onto her plate. Nice and juicy, but the meat is drier overall.

When you gently cook the meat with your Anova the moisture remains evenly distributed throughout and very little flows out onto the plate. It’s nice and moist, but not juicy.

If you are using thick cuts of beef you might consider using an injector to increase moisture content.


Thanks Frank, going to have her read your reply.


Bill, you’re welcome.

I hope it helps as people often have difficulty not believing what they experience.

I also should have suggested pouring a puddle of the juices from the cooking bag onto her plate or over the meat. Why waste those flavourful juices?

You can also heat the juices with a quick swirl in the searing pan, or even make a quick pour-over pan sauce by adding a little reduced wine and/or stock, a sprig of fresh thyme and/or rosemary, and a knob of butter. Now you’re really cooking. I usually strain out any coagulants if i do that so it all looks pretty on the plate. And don’t forget a sprinkle of salt and pepper right before service on warm plates.

Happy cooking.

Frank, once again a BIG Thank you. Your explanation was the best ever. I printed it out.


My pleasure Bill.

Do well.

Frank, did a 4 lb sirloin tip roast, 128 f for 30 hrs. Made a reduced sauce per your suggestion. Knocked it out of the park. Wife is coming around. Wish I could upload a photo.


Congratulations Bill!

No photo required for me, besides if everyone here included pictures we’d probably wear out the internet.