Will the Anova heat up an entire kitchen a lot during several hours of usage?

Hi everyone. I’m new to sous vide but I have all the equipment/accessories that I believe I need. I have an Anova, a Rubbermaid 12qt container, a neoprene insulation “sleeve” for the Rubbermaid container, a tight lid with the Anova cutout, a small rack to keep multiple bags separate, and a vacuum sealer and bags.

I was looking to do a long cook this weekend (24 hr) but my central AC died. I’m having to use portable AC units in the meantime to keep the place relatively cool during these incredibly hot days.

My (potentially dumb) question is:

If I run my Anova for a 24 hour cook time, will it likely generate so much heat that my kitchen will become a sauna? Because I don’t think I could take much more heat this awful summer. :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

No it should warm up your place in any noticeable way. Especially with the sleeve and cover.

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Definitely not. The temperatures that are involved are much lower than other methods of cooking.

If you’re at all in doubt you could always use an insulated cooking vessel.

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Wrap the pot in a couple of bath towels, to contain the heat. It will cut your electric bill, too.

Sous vide is my preferred summer cooking method because it doesn’t noticeably impact ambient kitchen temps. My cottage can get very hot during the summer months when 40C+ temps outside are not uncommon. That’s also when batch cooking comes into its own.

Thanks everyone!

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