54C is the new black... Pork Belly bliss

I’ve been using 54C for cooking my ‘roasts’ for lamb, goat, beef or pork, but these were traditional, large muscle roast cuts. Thought I’d try pork belly and see how it went at that temperature.

So, I lightly seasoned a slab of belly, sealed it up and dropped it in the tank for a couple of days. When time was up I dried it off, gave the top a dose of salt and popped it in a 250C oven for about 10 minutes to give it some brown.

Looks good to me…

Those apples are just peeled, cored and sauteed in a dirty steak pan to give them some deliciousness.

The pork cuts beautifully and is absolutely delicious. 54C for 48 hours.


Another great looking dish. For those that use Fahrenheit it is 129.2°F.

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Yes, sorry. I should get used to converting for the minority countries that stick to the old way. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smile:


Looks great!