9/10 given up on meat burgers, one last ditch attempt, Beyond burger wins for flavour.

Last night whilst cooking a pork shoulder for taco’s we thought, “with no access to beyond burgers lets try a real meat burger after all this time”

Well, that was a mistake (currently looking for best price on burger discs to press consistent home made)

Having grabbed 4x 1/4 lb 95% meat off the shelf Angus cattle beef (formed burgers) I noted when home there was little / no seasoning, so whammed some on & in the bag just to make up “something” in terms of additional flavour, bunged them in at 56c / 132.8 fahrenheit for a good time (not quite forgotten) …& the only difference was that we did not use butter as there was already sunflower oil in the pan for a quick cheese melting induction hob finish, other than that same assembly as per usual with a veggie burger (remember, I’m a meat eater)

To say we were underwhelmed is an understatement, texture was fine (minced meat is easier to judge than a pre-stained with beetroot juice & other processes the Beyond burger, so that was a positive.
But as for taste? …may as well not have bothered, left it on the cow, had a decent rump steak or something, anything other than how bland & unsatisfying compared to a beyond burger done the same way.

I even had a decent wedge of a decent french brie on mine, …may as well have eaten the cheese with a crusty roll & smoked semi-crisped bacon.

Help me out here, is minced beef really that boring at times but we are conditioned to it (because it is everywhere)? did I get some of the blandest mince burgers ever (have had way better when I ate more regular burgers) or is it in part the fact that I didn’t finish them in butter that killed it for us?

(i’d had 2 fried eggs on toast at 7 a.m, so the covered pan has enough oil left over to do 4 burgers, waste not etc)

Conversation with kid at university that evening was pretty much the same, she’s not getting a kick from any burgers she’s chewed on that are not the preferred veggie brand, …but getting folk to try them out is an uphill struggle in the main, let alone get folk to have them cooked sous vide.

Like I say, last ditch attempt, will get some freshly minced at the wholesaler & make a bunch of more interesting burgers, but honestly, I think it’d have to be something pretty damned special to impress our taste-buds as much as the beyond burger has.

(Guess this means i’m using up my liquid smoke & hickory dust reserves in an effort to make a comeback)

It sounds like your recent attempt with traditional beef burgers left much to be desired compared to your usual experience with Beyond burgers. Maybe experimenting with freshly minced meat and adding diverse seasonings could elevate the flavor profile. It’s intriguing how conditioned we are to the taste of traditional beef, but branching winout can sometimes lead to more satisfying culinary experiences.

Yes, I must make some sausages & burgers fresh again (been a while)
I need to buy some well priced burger discs for my press.

Costco uk recently got in decent accredited spanish sweet paprika so i’m loading up for a big old mincing & casings session, doubtless some burgers will be made, who knows a bbq even lit (rarity nowadays)
The contrast though is my meat consumption nosedive as to planning for timely “disposal” now kiddo is at university & studying hard, seeing much less as wings spread ((sobs dramatically))

I also have vegan mince (seems so wrong to say that doesn’t it) !? …wife got some for me to play with.

I draw the line at using my lovely red Berkel slicer on vegan product made at home though, sod that :rofl: