Getting burgers right

So I am very new at this. I tried doing burgers today and made 2 1/2 lb patties that were pretty thick. I set the temp at 135 and cooked for an hour. I have been reading online and most sites say 40 minutes was enough but i cooked an hour anyways to be sure.

I did a pan sear for about 1 min on each side and made the burger. When i bit, the burger was falling apart and the inside seemed a bit raw and was not holding together. What did i do wrong? too low temp? Why were the burgers too mushy and falling apoart like raw meat? not enough cooking time?

Serious eats is an awesome site for a lot of tips and tricks when it comes to Sous Vide cooking!  Their burger guide is here:

135F puts you in the higher range for Medium.   I’d say if they weren’t more than 1 1/2" thick, that an hour should be fine for cooking time.

I’d also keep using the same burger recipe you would normally use for the grill - maybe more seasoning, so you get more flavour infused into the meat as you’ll lose some of the seasoning in the juices that are given off of the meat.

Also, I’ve always put at least one egg into my burger meat to help bind it together - I’d still do this for sous vide burgers.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks. I cooked the second one upto 140, but kinda had the same texture just cooked more. think i need to make the burgers not as thick and allow for more searing. Thinking about it now, I added salt with the meat so im wondering if that had anything to do with how mushy it felt.

Well, they also suggest on the serious eats site that you let the burger rest  before you sear it.  That should also allow more of the juices to drain, making the searing quicker.

A cooler burger would also hold together better as the fats would have congealed somewhat.

That makes sense. Thanks for your help.

Here is a post with a picture on my earlier effort. I wonder if the meat you use makes a difference?

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If you used too many eggs and the full egg instead of just egg whites
this happens. You only need the smallest bit of egg white to bind the
mince and other ingredients together.

My problems with burgers sous vide are that they are sometimes more rubbery. Not fall apart soft.

Same burgers made carefully by me and frozen turn out better grilled;{ Probably personal preference.

My advice is to make them thinner.  You have a lot of leeway. A half inch burger is pretty darned good and you can go up or down.

Can anyone please help me out, to prepare a crunchy bugger patty for an add on in my menu at Retro Diner

You might try something like this: