Uncooked Hamburgers

Not sure what I’m doing wrong but I cannot seem to get hamburger patties to cook. After 1 hour at 135F, the hamburgers are raw, Not just rare but RAW! Sometimes they are cooked on one side and raw on the other. What I’ve when this happens is to rotate the patty so 3 o’clock is at 9: o’clock and recook them for another hour. But it seems like I shouldn’t have to do this since I’m following the cooking guide for hamburger. Any ideas?

How thick are the patties? Have you got them in a single layer? Have you checked the bath temperature independently?


Hi @KetoChris

As @Ember mentions thickness is the critical factor, but I’d also like to chime in with a comment on length of cook. If you did not personally grind the beef (and thus are confident in the cleanliness!) I’d always cook burgers to pasteurization. Personally I’d rather play it safe when it comes to ground meat - though others may have differing opinions.

I buy them in bulk already formed into patties. They’re about 3/4" thick by 4.5" diameter. I use a zip lock bag and arrange them in one layer. I will check the temperature but the last time I check the temp was accurate using an independent thermometer. Should I cook for 2 hours?

Make sure the sous vide is not blocked and can flow freely to create great circulation. Thickness has never been a problem with items that I have cooked. Costco Warehouse has super thick loin chops and they cook evenly and wonderfully but I don’t do more than 3-4 at a time. Same for chicken breast, always cooked evenly without raw or over done areas. I really think not crowding and allowing for good water circulation makes the difference. But, that is just my experience and I have had my sous vide for a long time and use it regularly. :slight_smile: Don’t give up and hope things work out!!

Stupid question, but is your impeller working?

Can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with uneven cooking either.

I’ve not cooked burgers, either. Without witnessing it it’s a little difficult to believe that your burgers are half raw.

When you say they are cooked on one side and not the other it makes me think that you are not getting proper circulation around the meat or there is too much air in the bag and the meat is isolated from the water.

This is a case where a couple of pictures would help. One of the bag in the water and another of the finished product.

MikSnave–That’s it!
I took off the sleeve and the propeller is not turning. Is this a common problem? Are these warranted. The sleeve does not stay on. I wrote the company and they promptly sent me a new sleeve. But this one also does not stay in place. Turning it clockwise over the coils get is in place but it backs out counter clockwise. These are design problems that should not be in a saleable unit of this product. I’m very unhappy with this situation.

2 year warranty. Contact support.

Glad you know what it is :slight_smile:
As @Ember says, contact support, you have 2 years waranty.
They sorted me out straight away for which I am most grateful.

Contact support, there are ways to reset the unit from various kinds of faults… It may need a reset.