Burgers through app undercooked

I used my new Anova for the first time and made burgers. I used the app and selected the medium well option. However, the burgers were very rare. What am I doing wrong?

That’s huge, the difference between rare and medium well is like 20F. Were the burgers not cooked long enough, too thick, go in frozen (goes back to not long enough) or is your unit not heating up properly?

Did you measure the burgers internal temperature? Sometimes the color can be redder than you would exppect.

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I didn’t. I measured the patties to 8oz like it said and flattened to just larger than the bun as it said. Did not list a thickness. Set the app for well and then let them sit for 15. They were almost raw on the inside (very rare) When I set up my anova ro my app, the temp matched ok

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