a bit confused about following the recipes in the app and how to convert normal sous vide recipes

I have been cooking sous vide a number of years so I was looking forward to this oven. I tried filet mignon tonight, basically following the steak recipe in the app. Step 1 was preheating. Step 2 was bringing the internal temperature of the steak up to temp (about 124F). Then step 3 is where I was confused…the app set the cooking time to 1 hour. Normally when I use the plastic bag/vacuum seal method, I bring the water up to 130 for medium, and let the steak cook 30 minutes plus before searing. In the oven method the app said the outside temperature was set higher to reduce the cook time from 1 hour to 30 minutes, but the timer was set automatically to 1 hour. I thought that cooking with the app would set the time correctly? The steak was fine after 32 minutes, but the app did not shut off. Seems like cooking in the water bath may be quicker and that the oven is just better for larger cuts of meat and for cooking without plastic bags?
I have a bunch of turkey tenderloins ready to cook tomorrow. I normally cook boneless turkey breast at 145 degrees for 2.5 hours sous vide. Should I set the internal temperature probe to 145 and then start cooking 2.5 hours after the probe hits 145? Should I set the external oven temperature higher than the 145? I assume sous vide mode and 100 percent humidity.
WRT reheating food in the oven, e.g. instead of a microwave for a quick lunch or dinner, heat the oven to 130 degrees F with 75% humidity? Has anyone tried this yet? What temperature should the oven be set to so that the food is warm and moist? Thanks in advance.

If you cook in the waterbath for 2.5 hours at 145 I would do the same in the oven. It comes up to temp pretty fast so I’d just try it. Back burner 145F sous vide 100% steam for 2.5 hours.

Reheating: I guess it would depend on the food and if you want to do it quickly or walk away and come back at any random point and still have edible food. A low temp like 135F and you can leave it there for a while. If you are reheating something that was cooked lower than 135F you might find a shift in quality. Steam would depend on the product and if you wanted it crispy or not.

My mistake on the turkey sous vide temp, I think it is 145 F for 2.5 hours. I guess my confusion is is sous vide temperature and steam percentage.how much higher do i set the oven temperature than what I want the internal temperature to be? And why after the steak reaches the internal temperature of 124 degrees, do I need to cook it for 30-60 minutes, I thought the goal was to bring the temperature to the goal temperature and the longer cooking time was to tenderize the meat fibers.

I just chose the temperature of 130F so that the bacteria would be killed. Any other suggestions for rewarming food?

Hopefully there is no bacteria to kill in your leftovers.

I can’t speak for the recipe writers on why they suggest what they do. I know the oven holds a temp pretty well and I wouldn’t think twice about needing to stay close to 145F with the oven. I think 100% humidity/steam for sous vide makes sense for the majority of things. The moisture helps with thermal transfer and keeps the food from drying.

Watching todays Facebook interview between Jason Logsdon and Scott Heimendinger answered a lot of my questions! Highly recommended for anyone else new to the oven! https://www.facebook.com/theisva/videos/653217388889793/