A time and temp question, if you please...

I’m planning on preparing a bunch of meat for easy meals while travelling.

I usually process ‘roasts’ sous vide at 54C for between 24-36 hours. This gives me a good carving texture and tenderness. The tendency when talking sous vide cooking is the temp for ‘done-ness’ and time for texture. So to my question…

For a muscle with a lot of connective tissue or one that is usually used for braising, will this temperature be enough to break down these tissues with an extension of only time?

When I was researching for the beef cheeks that I did a few months ago 99% of people seemed to be cooking them normal braising temperatures (75C +) which to me negated the point of sous vide cooking. I did mine at 58 or 60C (can’t remember which) for 3 days for an absolutely luscious buttery texture. But would I be able to achieve the same texture at 54C? And what about pork belly?

I guess what I’m getting to in my typical long winded and round about way, is that I want to cook a bunch of different stuff all at once without having to stop and start. Keep the temp the same and just keep adding things as the time goes on.

(Apologies for the extended post which displays why I still like an old school forum. :wink: )

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@Ember I’d definitely just try it out and see what happens. It’s the only way you’ll know if it works. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this something you’ve already tried (since this post was back in June and all).

Yup. I now cook all of my 4 legged beasties at 54C. It means I can run my cooler-cooker for a week at a time and cook a bunch of goodies at the same time. Beef cheeks, pork belly and a small beef rump roast have been through it all at once.

I suppose I should’ve asked, is there any problem with running the IC long term like that?

Hey @Ember the IC should be run a maximum of 99 hours at a time. After 99 hours, allow it to rest over night (or 12 hours).

Thanks for that @AlyssaWOAH. I’ll remember to give it a week off after it has had a workout like that. :wink:

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I just ran mine for 99.5 hours.

Guess we’re all gonna die.

Umm-aah. You’re so gonna get it now. You’re in biiiiiiig trouble.

Thanks @acs. You’ve ruined the world.