APP: food categories

Why are the categories in the Guide section of the app so messed up? I’ll list them here:

Beef (brisket)
Chicken (breast, thigh)
Eggs (hard, poached, soft)
Fish (Halibut, Salmon, Tuna)
Pork (chops, shoulder, tenderloin)
Steak (porterhouse, ribeye, strip, tenderloin)

HUH??? Those steaks should go under Beef. I would also argue that the hamburgers should also go under beef. The Ribs (which turn out to be pork ribs), should go under Pork. You also need ribs under beef (they do exist you know). I mean come on guys, this is obvious stuff.

And… Where is “Vegetables?” For such a great device, the app leaves a lot to desire.

Yeah, I’ll admit, it’s a little strange. On iOS it’s better - Android not so much. We definitely want to have that reorganized, but this is not high on the lot-of-things-we-need-to-get-done list. :frowning:

Yeah but it’s nothing new it appears. I came across other posts from over a year ago complaining about the same thing. Will it ever get done? The app is terrible. Like reaaaally bad. I would have thought sorting out the categories would be easy.