Categories on Community Site

So I’d like to hear everyone’s input!

What categories do you think are important in here, which would you get rid of, and what do you think you’d add?

Wondering if the current categories works for everyone or if they are unclear + can be condensed.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Can we get a section for booby pics?

I’ll start by posting the first one:

Seriously, the category navigation is absolutely horribly designed. Does anyone even pay attention to it? The latest and new buttons are useful. And the search, when it works. Can’t say I’ve ever even bothered to attempt to navigate the mess of categories and tags.

And, as I’ve said before, a company with limited resources and bigger issues to attend to, should not be pumping resources into a website whose daily visitors amount to 7 posters.

The low number of posters is the reason to pay attention to the website. Brand new people will come here looking for guidance. They might find activity and encouragement in FB but not everybody is on FB.

Personally, I have been posting both places just because I want to support it.

That said, I don’t know that the categories are too far off. They are not fine enough in some ways but I don’t think that activity is reduced much because of it. The cooking one could be divided into food categories based on how the APC is used (steak, tough cuts, fish, veg) and others for deserts, infusions, non-food uses, etc…

Thanks for your input @acs. I agree that the category navigation needs to be tweaked a whole lot, but I just wanted to get everyone’s input first to see if everyone else felt the same. Do you feel like the tags should be thrown out all together?

Thanks @RichardOL! From what I have gathered, a lot of users do come on here to read content that’s in here. And you’re right - not everyone has Facebook or wants to be involved with Facebook groups. Hm yeah I can see how the food categories can be broken down, although I think that’s what the tags are for.

Traffic will always be low here because of how specialized things are. It’s not a cooking forum that encompasses many processes and styles, it’s a forum about one single style of cooking.

If you are going to work on the categories, I would say have more categories and have an easily visible index. Right now it’s not the easiest to find and I think there are only 4 categories?

You could even do sub-categories. ie: Recipes, then under recipes, you have sub forums: Beef, Pork, Chicken & Fowl, Fish, Vegetables, Other animals, drinks etc.

Tags are only good if people use them, a lot of people don’t. But everyone has to put a thread in some category when it is created.