How Should This Community Look Like?

Hey folks -

I have been thinking about this community forum and the kind of topics we have in here. For the most part, we either have cooking-related question or support inquiries/feedback. I wanted to open this question to you: how do you want this community to look like for you?

When you visit this forum, what sort of topics you prefer to see? Not prefer to see? Or wish you could see more of in here?

I am really interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts. You can be new here, someone who has been around for awhile, or a lurker. Doesn’t matter. Your feedback is welcome.

Well Alyssa, after two days the silence certainly says a lot, doesn’t it?

Many Community posts regarding systems and hardware challenges would be more appropriately directed to Support. Users don’t appear to realize that. Perhaps changing the heading Support to Complaint Department would be more helpful and it would make reading this Community board a more positive experience. If you are like me and don’t like the word Complaint how about using Service?

If i could be granted one wish, you would turn off that annoying message about my hogging a post that prevents others from contributing. It is just plain silly and doesn’t foster problem solving discussion, nor does it enhance the quality image Anova portrays.

Thanks for asking.


Jokes aside, I think it’s important to gain clarity on what sort of content folks in here enjoy or prefer, thus the question. Can you tell me exactly which messaging you’re referring to? We have a few automated ones and want to make sure I am addressing the correct one.

Alyssa, on the second or third subsequent comment to a post there’s a message that makes that suggestion i referred to. If my comments exceed 20% of the total the message appears.

It’s not a significant matter. It just not consistent with the overall high quality here.

Chatnoir you have 40% of the posts on this thread…Quit hogging this thread!

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You see what i mean?

I can’t get any respect.


It’s because you won’t shut up! :wink:


PS: I’ve received the same message a few times, too. I’d get rid of it. It puts something of a dampener on posters’ enthusiasm…

I’m pretty happy with the way things are presented in categories. But I’m still crazy nuts, assuming I’m not totally stupid, about how difficult it is to attached a picture to posts, either when initially written or when edited.

I’ve made some changes to the settings for the posting too much message. Let me know if you see it again. :sleepy:

Yes, the image thing is weird - mostly because of limits on the platform (Discourse). Let me see if this is something I can change on the backend.

Thank you for the change Alyssa.

Here’s another suggestion.
When perusing the Latest list it is readily apparent that the majority of posts concern malfunctions that most users are unable to rectify. Might they not be better directed to Support or Feedback? Perhaps the heading Community Support is perceived to be one of those Anova corporate service categories?

All those posts are a distraction to satisfied users and add clutter to an otherwise useful service. They also detract from Anova’s image in the Community.