"What Do YOU Want!?"

Did anyone else think of The Notebook, or was that just me? …prolly just me :smirk:

Anyway, we (Anova) wanna know what our community wants. If you want to contribute to the future of Anova, you can sign up to get surveys from us.

It’s not a requirement or anything. It’s just a way for us to better understand what our loyal customers want. ((BTW…there’s discounts and cool offers if you participate :sunglasses:))

Enter greatness below:

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I filled it in. I hope that only gets me on a single mailing list, I don’t want to be getting a lot of mail from this.

Thanks @RichardOL you’ll just get surveys. But whenever you want to be off the survey mailing list, just let me know and I’ll take care of it!

It’s just you.

@acs …shhh I won’t tell anyone that you were thinking of The Notebook too. :stuck_out_tongue: … our secret - along with everyone else in the community.