Best surface to sit precision cooker

Where can I sit my precision cooker when in use. I have granite counter tops.

I sit my water container on a silicon potholder.

I sit Cambro tubs on the granite directly or on a wood cutting board. The unit seems to be a tiny bit quieter on the cutting board. If I use a Dutch oven or stockpot, I put it on my induction cooktop and use the cooktop to help heat the water to desired temperature and then turn it off.

When using your induction cooktop to help heat the water you are very likely (over) heating the steel components in your Anova unit, if it is in place at the same time. Probably not good for longevity of the Anova!!

@friendlyfarmer‌ , Magnetic field drops rapidly with distance from the surface of induction cooker, that’s why cookware for induction has to have a flat bottom, that’s why induction cooker stops as soon as you lift your pot just for few millimeters. I doubt that induction might mess with components of Anova in any reasonable setup.

@friendlyfarmer, thanks for the concern…I would not have thought of that. I did some testing around this and have some additional thoughts. Induction, if I’m right, could have two causes of damage: heating the unit itself from the induction field, and being in contact with a container (stockpot, Dutch oven, etc.) that does heat up.

As for the induction affecting the unit itself, that would happen if the stainless in un-alloyed with nickel, which kills the magnetic field necessary for induction. I took a magnet to the unit sleeve and it did not stick. I removed the sleeve and the magnet would not stick to any of the exposed tubing, circulator, or sensor parts either. And the pump diverter on the bottom is plastic so no worries there. So the induction field should not affect the Anova at all.

Secondly, the induction field does indeed heat the container to heat the water in it. Since water is an excellent conductor of heat, I heat the water with the Anova unit mounted and running thereby circulating the water as well as showing the temperature rise as the water heats. With two Thermopens, I tested the temp of the water during heating at several places on and near the bottom of the container. With the water circulating and absorbing heat from the pan all the water was at the temperature indicated on the Anova, and therefore the unit should be safe.

The only caution I see is to watch the temperature closely as it increases so to not overshoot. I find that shutting off the induction field about 1.5ºF prior to the Anova showing the desired temperature almost perfectly heats the water.

So, I’m thinking that I’m not doing anything that would harm my Anova Precision Cooker. I welcome other thoughts or suggestions. On the plus side, I sure like heating 6-7 quarts of water to cooking temperatures in 4 minutes or less!

The QUESTION: “Where can I sit my precision cooker when in use? I have granite counter tops.”

The granite counter top will, unlike some laminates, not be damaged by the heat from the water bath, but it will draw heat out of the water, causing the ANOVA to work harder. I went to Home Depot and bought a piece of 1’’ thick rigid (pink) foam insulation, for about $5.50. I cut it to the size of my water pot, and I use that under the pot. I also made a pot cover out of the same material. I then wrap the pot in a couple of bath towels, to further insulate it. Works just fine!

@M_HAND Thanks for sharing your advice, great info for insulating the pot. I’ll have to try it out!