Magnetic base?

The forthcoming ChefSteps “Joule” immersion circulator probably won’t be a threatening competitor to Anova’s products (overpriced, and no manual controls) but … the extra heating power is a slight advantage and - most interesting - the magnetic base is a very attractive feature. Looking at the base of my Anova Precision Cooker, I see that there is a recess on the bottom which is 1⅜ inch in diameter and somewhat less than ¼ inch deep. Just about perfect to fit a disc magnet permanently inset. Anova could probably sell a lot of replacement bases with magnets in them, and upgrade the products to ship with magnetic bases. I’m thinking of just getting a proper-sized disc magnet and glue it in myself!

Unless you have a really strong magnet I would be worried about the Anova tipping over into the water. Could be done though. I would like to see the clamp sold separately so you could have one for each size container that is regularly used. Or precut lids for popular container sizes.

> @Jomoto said:

 … the extra heating power is a slight advantage 

It’s more than just a slight advantage. It will heat the water 30% faster and maintain the constant heat much easier. It is currently the most powerful sous-vide tool on the market (even more than the Sous Vide Supreme) and because it uses thick-film technology it should also be the most reliable circulator heating element. This is good for us all, because competition is a good thing for those of us who love to cook sous vide.
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This is the first thing I thought when seeing the base of my new anova. I have magnets strong enough to do the job, but I´m a bit worried about the circulator screw, I don´t want to add stress to the mechanism by placing a magnet at the bottom… Has anyone tried it?