Which one to buy: Anova One or Precision Cooker?

I am new to sous vide and would like to buy a basic circulating heater. Anova seems a good company but I am confused between the nearly identical Anova One and the new Precision Cooker. I’ve looked at the very unimpressive iphone app so don’t see any particular advantage to the Precision Cooker and it’s wiz bang potential. Is the flexible clamp sufficient reason to go with the Precision Cooker or is the Anova One a better bet?

Bump. Any opinions? Anyone out there tried both models? Which one would you buy today?

Unless you need the higher power output of the Anova One, I would think that the Precision would be a better fit for you. The redesigned clamp makes it easier to use the circulator with a variety of containers.

@IslandTractor Both are great units and will get the job done. Although the Anova One will heat up the water a bit faster, it really comes down to whether you want the Bluetooth connectivity. There will be iterations to the Anova Culinary app so the connected experience is going to get better and better.

Is anyone aware of a blog post or review that compares cooking with the One vs Precision models? I appreciate the potential for app related control enhancements in the future but balance that against the mature, bugs worked out, benefits of the One. I guess too many years of dealing with “new improved” versions of Windows (Vista anybody?) has me a tad shy about being on the bleeding edge of new tech products. Honestly were it not for the new clamp style I’d probably have placed an order for the One already.

Thanks for your thoughts.

@IslandTractor Totally get where you’re coming from, while I can vouch for both, here’s a thread on reddit from a while back that you might find useful in comparing if you want to look at a few more opinions: http://www.reddit.com/r/sousvide/comments/2hulji/new_anova_precision_cooker_vs_the_anova_one/

@IslandTractor Which one did you end up deciding on? If you still haven’t - check out our new discount code program so you can get $50 off whichever device you end up choosing :slight_smile:


Thanks Jordan, The discount offer has forced my hand and I’ve chosen the Precision version today. I think I would be happy with either but I am working on the assumption that you guys have incorporated lessons learned with the Anova One into the Precision. The flip side, that the Anova One was the unit with more manufacturing experience etc, is still a valid point IMO but I decided finally that perhaps some of that manufacturing experience went into the design and building of the new version.

@IslandTractor Woohoo! Glad to hear - the PC is a great product and I’m sure you’ll be very happy with it. If you do decide that you’d like to switch, please let me know and I’ll take care of it for you. Keep me posted on your experience and thoughts on the Precision Cooker once it arrives!

Hi, I have both, and I likely would only have purchased the Precision Cooker if I were making my first purchase today. I started with the ANOVA One because that was what was available. I like the power-off switch of the ANOVA One, but the smaller Precision Cooker (which I use to cook lunches at work) is quite handy (and less expensive). The ANOVA One heats up faster and is better for larger quantities, which I actually only cook a few times each year. It sounds like the Precision Cooker was the right choice for you.