Does the Precision Cooker fit the 12L container?

I see they sell the 12L container with the Nano model. Does anyone know Precision Cooker model works with the 12L container? Is it compatible?

Hi ya @lynnlepore

I believe that the ANOVA Precision Cooker is compatible with any container that can maintain water level between MIN and MAX and that the holder can clamp to securely.

I have both Anova 12 and 16L containers. I cannot recommend either based on my experience. You are going to be much happier with a visit to a restaurant supply and getting a couple of Cambro containers, say, 6, 8, and 12L. Lids are nice and easily crafted if you have a jigsaw. If you do NOT wish to go DIY, the amazon has many excellent SV containers with custom lids for all the popular circulators and insulation packages as well as weights and racks. Don’t buy the Anova containers until you’ve read the negative reviews.

Thanks David. I’m going to look on Amazon. Good idea.

The Pro is the top of the line sous vide cooker from Anova. The main differences between the Pro vs Precision Cooker are the sizes, power wattage, and materials for durability . The Pro is larger all-around (13.5″ and 5.16 lbs) to be able to house the power of 1200 watts, while the Precision Cooker is 1000 watts.