The ANOVA Precision Cooker Container

I purchased the Precision Cooker Container and it has been a huge disappointment! When I fill it with water, the container walls flex so much that the molded lugs (intended to hold the wire grate in place) flexes and the grate will not stay in place. Also, the lid does not have a positive seat when placed.

I found a much less expensive alternative on Amazon that works far better.

I agree; I have had the exact same problem with the 12 quart Anova container. It’s particularly bad when doing high-temperature cooks, as you do for most vegetables. I’m going to make a couple of stainless steel straps, hooked at the ends, to place over the container when it’s filled, but if that doesn’t work I’ll take your advice.

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I’ve been using the Lipavi container for several years.

LIPAVI C10 Sous Vide Container 12 quarts

Polycarbonate lid with cutout to match your brand of immersion cooker is sold separately.

Which container from Anova are you talking about? They have a couple different ones…12, 16 & 20L ones… The 20 is double walled, so, can’t see it actually having flex in the walls of it…

I’m a newbie, using the 16L container that came with the unit from Costco. Doesn’t flex at all for me. Seems a little large for me at times though. The 12L you have looks interesting. What brand?

Hey Mark! We made design changes to limit the flexing in the 16L, and you have that updated design!

Thanks! That makes sense. And the more I use my Precision Cooker, the more I’m thinking the 16L isn’t so large after all. I’m putting more and more in it!

Haha! There ya go! Happy cooking.