Storing Your Anova Cooker

I just got my new anova from the latest kickstarter, and the thing is impressive looking. Looks beautiful! How do people store their cookers? Simply lay them down in a cabinet, or is there anything out there that can double as a protective case?

I think I am going to keep the shipping box and try that.

I plan to just use the tube the Anova came in if I have to store it at all. I don’t think it is too difficult to get put back in the tube and the foam protects it well. The tube is kinda big though to find a good spot for though.

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was thinking about getting a cheap peli case copy for storage\transport.

Either option works great, though the packaging is often a little larger than desired for kitchen storage. Some people like to keep it fasted to a stock pot sitting atop their burners. Others simple dry off and store along with their other larger cookware.

Ha it will probably be in use every day and no need to store.

Hadn’t thought of “transportation”. Probably save tube & foam. Normal storage just loose with other stuff in pantry.

Planning to get ice chest and modify to use as water bath, which might have enough room to securely store circulator.

Bought Rubbermaid ice chest. Circulator fits nicely diagonally for storage.

Notched front of lid to fit around circulator. Makes huge difference in reducing evaporation and keeping temperature stable. Hinge pins that are part of lid are short & can be pried out of sockets in case, then cut off. To layout cuts in lid, it would have been very, very useful to have had basic, critical dimensions for clamp.

Thanks to others for some interesting storage tips. I confess since receiving the Anova unit 11 days ago I have played with my new toy every day so storage convenience and access are paramount. After disassembling the clamp and taking off the sleeve, I wipe off the unit and simply store it on its side in a drawer with my large stockpots and Dutch ovens. I put some folded paper towels under the end of the Anova as it is impossible to completely dry the unit. I found the original shipping container too large for anywhere in my kitchen, and the unit could drip a bit inside the cardboard tube.

I just have mine laying on the bottom rack of a rolling cart, along with the sous vide container. I didn’t see the need to store it in a box, and have to pull it in and out each time I wanted to use it.

@Wil_G I usually keep mine out, clamped to the pot on the stove, since I use it so often. Would you want to use some sort of stand for your device or would you prefer to store it somewhere?

Storage mostly, or transport. Sometimes, I lend them out to friends. I have 2 APC’s and an Anova One. I use all of them, at one time, only occasionally. So I’m looking for a way to protect them which will fit in a small kitchen’s cabinets. The tube that the APC ships in will not. I am also looking for a container which is more durable, smaller, and easier to reassemble, than the cardboard containers that they shipped in.

@Wil_G Yes, the tubes can be a bit of a challenge to store in the kitchen. How has the Anova One packaging worked out for you? Do you find it a bit easier to store?

I found this great link but haven’t tried it yet. Not a bad solution. They also have a version of the case where its in “Diced Pick and Pluck” foam base with “egg crate” foam on the lid.

Check out:

The case mfg is:

Hope this helps. I’ll let you know if I end up purchasing. Right now I am using the box that it came in but its a little tedious to pull in and out.



@gamersbbs This is pretty awesome, it has a handle for travel and everything.

The Anova One packaging is fine and I it expect will be for some time. However, that sort of custom packaging has to be costly and I know that one of the stated goals in the kick-starter was to reduce the price. I’ve thought about it, and have come up with a few ideas using some standard Home Depot items. If I do, I’ll share, but for the time being, let’s kill this thread.

Mine sits on top of the microwave:

Since I cook in a part of the world that gets VERY hot (Western Australia) for large parts of the year, evaporation during long cooks is a real issue. The answer is a 6-pack Esky modified with a hole-saw:

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I use a clear glass vase that fits it very well and it looks great on the counter!

@pjkeithley would love to see a photo