Storage case for Anova in Australia?

There are a number of storage cases available in the US for the Anova but I haven’t been able to find a supplier/distributor in Australia. Does anyone know whether storage cases for the Anova are available in Australia? I could order from the US but the shipping would cost more than the case. And, yes, I know that I could simply store the Anova in a plastic tub of some sort but the cases, with their purpose-shaped internal padding, make a very neat storage solution.

I’m afraid I haven’t discovered one available yet, @Taras.

Thank you, @Ember. My searching came up blank too. Cheers

Fingers crossed that Amazon Australia will get some cases in at some stage??

Amazon have “LTGEM Case for Anova Sous vide cookers which I have for $44.49 US free delivery to Australia.Excellent case.I purchased one last December.

Is there anything wrong with tossing it into a bag or suitcase, maybe with a towel wrapped around it for protection?

Nothing wrong with keeping the Anova in a bag or a drawer, etc; that’s how most of us store our Anova cooker. The nice thing about the purpose-made storage cases is that they make for a very neat and very easy storage solution. In my case, where I have 2 Anova cookers, it would make a difference.

In the US, the storage case is around $23 USD, which makes it quite a cheap option. However, by the time it gets shipped to Australia and the currency rates, the storage case ends up around $53 AUD. For me, that would mean more than $100 for storage for the 2 cookers, which makes it not so appealing compared to just keeping them in a drawer or a plastic tub.

Hopefully, sometime soon, someone may import them in bulk and make the price more attractive in Australia.


In the mean time, a cheaper and better solution might be to get a couple of appropriately-sized generic plastic storage cases and some foam inserts and just do the cutouts yourself to fit the APC and the clamp (that’s pretty easy to do if you make a paper template first). Or even one case that’s large enough to hold two APCs.

Good suggestion. I’ll try that.


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