Hello all I am back and my new anova works…ok I live in New South Wales Australia and after spending 1hr on the net on Amazon and eBay I am finding it hard to get a dish and lid and rack under $400 del you American guyz can get it all for $100 grrr I also see that anova sell a lid for the stock pots can anytell me if it works on a standard Aussie pot? Baccarat is my pot brand…by the way my eggs were Devine this morning and my chicken stock is coming along well.

I recommend these items for cooking for a small party of 4-6:

Post the dimensions of your pot and I will help you find a lid.

See this for ideas…

I might try to make one out of a cooler like this person…

Yes they do not ship them to Australia so I found them in australia they are very expensive about $300 All up.

The post I shared shows someone that made them out of a cooler! An insulated box of some sort would be best.

This is a pic for you

This is a good read by @SouthernDad

Sorry just short of 27cm

I’m hoping they ship to you…

Amazon will not deliver to Australia. Amazon Au is criminally expensive. And shipping fees from outside Australia are high. I use a cheap storage box that I got from the local tightwad shop. I’m sure you’d find something suitable at Bunnings or similar. For long and large cooks I use an on tartan esky that I found in the garage. Cut a hole in the lid and it works a treat.

My point is, don’t waste money needlessly. Much better to learn how you will most likely use your device and then buy something inexpensive that fits the bill. That way you can use the money saved on food with which to experiment.

Ok so say I continue using my bacarrat pot for small jobs how would you say I limit evaporation. Will visit Bunnings tomorrow or a cheap esky is there any product I shouldn’t use? My husband could cut hole very easy. Yes definately not easy to find anything sous in australia $48 USA and by the time you get to checkout they want $248 Lol thankyou for you help and kind words…it is definately the way my mind was going.

If you’re using a stock pot then either aluminium foil or Glad Wrap can be used to cover the top and reduce evaporation for long cooks. Short cooks I only used to cover when using higher temps, over 65C.

The box I use for regular, quick cooks (up to 85 for vegiesshort and hot for or up to 8 hours below 65C) is a 12L pseudo-Tuppaware storage box with lid. It has deformed slightly with 3 years of use, but it’s at no risk of failure.

Siknik, welcome, and as a newcomer to the Anova Community you will do well to follow Ember’s gentle guidance. Invest some time in reading and learning.

Dimensions and materials are much more important than a brand name for cooking vessels. Start with what you have until SV cooking experience leads you elsewhere. A covered and bath towel-wrapped stock pot might be all you will ever need. Just be sure to place some insulating material beneath it where a lot of heat can be lost.

Somewhere in NSW there must be restaurant supply stores as sources for all your cooking needs. Your local restaurants all have storage needs so use what they use. It’s been my experience that the more Asian the source the better for economical reasons. Get to know one.

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Yes, the lid will fit on most posts of amedium to large size.

Inova now has 2 sous vide lids. One for the Anove “Nano” and now one for the “Precision Anova” (wi-if and Bluetooth).

I know I’m chiming in late here (been away a bit), but I think cutting a cover to float atop any pot is worth considering. I use a piece of “Reflectix Bubble Pack Insulation” to cover my 25 can Coleman Cooler, but Reflectix could be cut to fit any container used to cook sous vide.