Sous vide container recommendations

So I was wondering which container on amazon do you recommend for my anova sousvide precision cooker
There’s : everie , geesta, alchemy, and Rubbermaid

The cheapest one that fits your need.

Also consider how much you are going to be cooking at one time. I have a couple of different sized poly carbonate cambro containers but they get far less use than my large soup pot. I also got lids so I can use them for other things. The bigger containers when filled with water also take longer to reach your desired temperature and if you do not recycle the water it is a bit of a waste.

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I don’t want a cheapest one I want a good one

Right but you didn’t recommend any company

(shrug) It has only to hold water at temperature. Why spend $50 when $5 will do the same job? Been using a $4 box from local tight-wad shop for 3+ years. If I’d bought a Cambro brand I’d have been up for $150+ in Aus for something that does nothing more than the $4 box.

‘Good’ depends entirely on the metric you set.

Cambro is what I have for large cooks. I got mine on Sale and use it for other things in addition to the occasional large cook sous vide. In the US they are not all that expensive plus you can pick a size that best suits your needs.

I’ve been using the Lipavi C10 (12 Qt) and cover for the last 3 years.
with the expandable Ikea VARIERA pot lid rack to separate bags.

Before those came out with the covers cut for Anova, I used the largest
8 or 10 inch deep soup pot I could find at Walmart, and covered with
foil or plastic wrap. Back then I used binder clips to hold bags all around
the edge.

Go for polycarbonate - the Rubbermaid ones get floppier at higher temps, which makes them difficult to move. I would also recommend one that has a lid option with a cutout for the Anova. Beyond that, the brands are pretty much the same, the choice really comes down to size and shape preference.

I don’t recommend ANY of the containers on Amazon. I am using an old wort pot that I replaced with a larger one.
Already paid for itself and will hold three gallons just fine. When I sous vide, I just put the sticky plastic wrap around the top to keep moisture loss down to a minimum.
You gotta remember that Sous Vide is all about time and temp control, NOT the equipment. Those Cambro boxes take up a lot of real estate. Thats room that I need for other stuff.
Besides, I already had the pot and I was not going to just throw it away.
Just sayin’.

I went with the Rubbermaid 12-quart container and Everie hinged lid, and they work great for 99 percent of the things I sous vide. I keep it parked next to the sink in my laundry room. In retrospect, I might find another lid that had the hinge further back instead of in the middle.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Plastic Space Saving Square Food Storage Container for Kitchen/Sous Vide/Food Prep, 12 Quart, Clear (FG631200CLR)

EVERIE Collapsible Hinged Sous…

I chose not to cut the lid for my container. Instead I slide it up to the Anova and cover the small remaining gap with plastic wrap. Not very elegant but it works quite well. The benefit is that I retain the ability to use the container for other unrelated tasks.

The brands she mentioned make lids that are precut to fit the Anova, so no cutting necessary. And you could always put plastic wrap over the Anova cutout if you want to use the lid for other purposes :slight_smile:

I use the LIPAVI:

I use the EVERIE Sous Vide Container 12 Quart EVC-12 and an old 48 Quart Igloo Cooler for big loads. Both have hinged split lids and I really like that feature… The Everie replaced my 10 Qt. pressure cooker with a makeshift lid.

Hello. I use a 25 qt. Igloo brand marine cooler with a removable lid. I cut a hole that is the same diameter of my Annova in one corner of the lid. Rinse, fill with water, add desired vacuum sealed food, slide my Annova in to the hole, and set it to the desired temp. The cooler is lightweight, very well insulated, and easy to move with the handles. Got the cooler for $25 at Walmart. It is the perfect container for me and large enough for everything I cook, from multiple steaks to large, whole roasts.

I have a 12 quart Cambro, but my preferred sous vide container is a Coleman 24-Can Party Stacker Portable Cooler. I left the lid intact for those times I want to be able to use it AS a cooler, and cut a piece of reflective “Reflectix Bubble Pack Insulation” as a cover and cut a hole in it for the Anova. I’ve had a roast cooking in it for the last 46 hours and had no need to add water. The insulated container keeps electricity use to a minimum. A year and a half of use and it’s still in great shape.