Tallest and shortest containers to use

My Anova is due to arrive Friday so I’m doing some shopping for containers to use with it. Just wondered about the deepest and shallowest container heights that can be used. I realise the Anova is adjustable but can anyone tell me the limits.

The Coleman Partystacker evidently is frequently used and it’s 8 1/4 inches deep (assuming that the measurements listed on Amazon are the inside measurements but they may be the outside).

The Coleman 5 quart is about the same height. (I know 5 quart is quite small but it might be fine for starting food for two in an ice bath in the morning where you want it to stay cool most of the day.)

Coleman 9 Quart Excursion Cooler appears to be about 13 inches deep.
Coleman 16 quart appears to be about 14 inches deep.

Wondering if all of these are in the required range.


When you first get your Anova, just use a few different inexpensive containers to see what works best for how and what you cook. My cooking needs will most likely vary from yours. There are times that I can use a stock pot, a square container, or a rectangle container. I might need a cooler. I have ordered one of the Coleman Stackers and will do a review on how it works as a sous vide cooking vessel when it finally arrives.

I was heavily leaning toward the Rubbermaid square containers because the sous vide lid fits multiple sizes. Then I found that when I cook for five or six, I want to stand the steaks or chops up using a rack and that doesn’t work well in a square container but does in a rectangle. Now, I’m looking to LIPAVI containers but the downside is that I would need multiple lids.

Therefore, I have remained undecided and am still using my stock pot or $5 containers from Walmart. There is an advantage to inexpensive containers from Walmart, I can freeze water at the bottom of them for using the ice bath feature and not worry about the container breaking from the expansion.

Note None of those links are affiliate links and I don’t sell any of those linked products. Just giving you some ideas.

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