Alternative to Coleman 48 Can Stacker?

I have a good container for my “day to day” sous vide needs but am looking to do some longer sous vide with bigger cuts of meat and for longer periods.

If I was in the USA, I would just pick up a Coleman 48 Can Stacker and go that route as it seems to be very effective and fit for purpose.

But I am in the UK and you cannot get the above unless you want to pay a fortune in shipping and import duty.

I was thinking about using the Cambro “Go Box” as I can get them here in the UK and if I got an extra lid, I could use it both for the actual sous vide cook as well as for “holding” meat when needed.

Any thoughts on the above? I would modify one of the top loaders lids so my Anova SV would slot in. And I like that they offer a variety of lids including a split “flip lid”.

They are not cheap but the cost is the same as the Coleman here in the UK (once you factor in shipping and taxes). I would get something I could use for multiple use cases and with the ability to get a split lid and normal lid.

My next question is whether to get something in a 35L, 46L or 53L…

The Coleman is about 31L.

How far do people push the Anova with an INSULATED container? Could it hand 46L?


Hey Texas, you might want to consider using Anova’s Professional model or something stronger if you plan to cook commercial volumes.

Anova used to rate the 1,000 watt units at 16 to 20 litres capacity, but that specification has long disappeared from their site. Too many critical variables, i suspect.

Cambro has excellent and durable products. Vollrath is another superior commercial brand. For the best value, i’d check out what insulated transport containers your local caterers use. Out of necessity they often know best from experience.
Coleman is a largely retail product or light duty brand.