Storage case for APC 3.0 1100W Wi-Fi AN525-US00 unit?

I’ve been using a 900W APC A3.2-120V-US (Wi-Fi) for the past few years and have stored it in a great storage / carrying case from LTGEM (on Amazon). I’ve been looking on Amazon (and searching the web) for a storage case for my new APC 3.0 1100W Wi-FI AN525-US00 unit and can’t find one so far. I can get the new APC to fit in the same case I’ve been using for the A3.2 although it’s not a perfect fit. I’m curious to know if anyone is aware of a storage / carry case made explicitly to fit the newer model 3.0 1100W AN525-US00.

Ali express has some hard foam shell units that will “allegedly fit” a variety of sous vide wands.
For travel I use a cut down poster tube with end packing & keep it in my carry on backpack.

Likely the ali express generic units are what you are referring to though?

Mine is not neat, but I can heat wire / blade cut foam to shape accordingly offering it decent protection for whichever unit I travel with.

I have this case, purchased originally for my 900W (Wi-Fi) APC, from LTGEM on Amazon:

It fits that model perfectly, and is well made.

If I could have found something comparable for my new APC 3.0 (1100W) I would have. But I’m not seeing it. However it does look like the APC 2.0 and APC 3.0 are the same size (as far as I can tell), and LTGEM also makes a case for the APC 2.0…so I took a chance and ordered it. It should be here tomorrow. If my 3.0 fits properly that will be great. I’ll share an update either way.

Pardon my ignorance please. How does one use a fancy storage case for ANOVA PC, or perhaps when? Mine lives in its bath tub on the counter.

When I travel with it, as I am now, 1200 miles from home, it travels in its dry tub with odds and ends to keep it from rattling around.

Gotta tear myself away from this page to SV poach eggs for breakfast, 148ºF for 75 minutes. Avocado, bacon, toast, hollandaise, tomato.

While I have a nice case for my older 900W model I still had the new 1100W 3.0 unit sitting in a partially torn cardboard box. My kitchen counters have been taken over by too much “stuff”… coffee grinder, brewer, my daughter’s espresso machine (has her own apt now and another espresso machine, but wants me to tune / readjust her old one, so here it sits for now), a stand mixer, one of those hybrid toaster oven / air fryer things, a knife block, etc, etc. So I like to put cooking gear away when I can.

Anyway - the case arrived today. It’s made for the APC 2.0, and apparently the new 3.0 has the same dimensions, so it fits perfectly (yay!). See attached picture.

Re-using mouldings for other models makes sense doesn’t it!? & the shape is somewhat iconic, spawning numerous copy clones.

Whilst I like the idea of those formed cases, if it doesn’t pack down well / ratchet onto my backpack for euro travel I feel it is a lot of bulk factor (but then i’m used to packing glassware, plugs, cables etc in my snowboard boots.

I can ratchet my anova in a poster tube to the outside, it doesn’t look weird to customs officials, & if so the term “sous-vide” is recognised far & wide with more interest from uk customs rather than that of switzerland or france, compared to that of in my hold luggage (I was doing fag packet math, that takes up the same area as all my technical socks & underwear for a typical european packing case.

I’m pretty certain this would slide in the wide side load to form the base of my pack, but that would equally be murder to haul out for customs.

Would be handy to have a couple though.

Re-using designs is a wonderful concept… in my “day job” I’m shifting technology design patterns and standards (and conceptual model - establishing enterprise architecture, etc.) for our university business school IT org to modular / composable architecture, reuse, shared services, etc. I would have thought Anova could have followed this concept from their first machines forward, but these are, in fact, not consistent across all models. My new APC 3.0 1100W unit is shorter and smaller in diameter than my older 900W Wi-Fi model. Happily, though, the new 1100W 3.0 unit has the same dimensions as the prior 2.0 1000W model, so the case I purchased - made for the 2.0 model, fits my new 3.0. Happy to see that, as nobody else seems to be listing a molded case for the 3.0.

The molded case is great for storage at home - I’ve already got way too much out on the counters and on shelves to leave it out, and the cardboard box it came in was pretty annoying and flimsy. But I get it – no way would I try packing that molded case in a backpack or any other type of luggage where space is at a premium! Reminds me of my early days (decades ago!) backpacking - reading Colin Fletcher’s book “The Man Who Walked Through Time” , helping me appreciate the fine art of packing light.

The molded cases are great for my use cases though. Happy camper here.

I have from when I had the APC 2.0, it fits the 3.0 perfectly.

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Thx Dmitry - yes - that’s the one I just got and am using with my APC 3.0. Perfect fit. For anyone else reading this thread - highly recommended.

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