Lid Advice for new APC

Have been cooking sous vide for a year or so and just got the new APC when it became available. My previous experience is with another brand.

For anyone that has the new APC and may have/had the Nano, according to Anova, the barrel dimensions are the same but I believe the attachment is different. Does anyone know if a lid designed for the Nano will fit the new APC? I currently have 12 and 26 qt containers with lids sized for the old APC where I enlarged the opening a couple millimeters to fit my other Circulator. I’d like to get a new set of lids to fit the new APC but don’t know what size to get.

I’d also happily accept ideas for homemade inserts or any other ideas about how to make the existing lids fit the new APC better.

Great community. Looking forward to your responses. Thanks.

Hi Gslater. I’m by no means an expert. but when I do long cooks, I drape a clean washcloth (that I use as a kitchen towel ) around the base of the cooker above the lid to help with evaporation loss.
You could check Amazon for a lid, they have them esp. made for the Anova PC. I was looking for a larger container, but I have the nano, and didn’t know of the lid would fit. Plus they’re pricey, $30 for the container, and $28 for the lid.
Good luck

Cling wrap and aluminium foil are also used by many to cover their cooking vessel so a not to have to deal with evaporation and condensation.

I have a cheap 12L plastic storage box that I purchased for cooking small items in which I have cut a hole in the lid. For large or long cooks I use an old cooler that I found in the garage. There is no need to spend large quantities of money for cooking vessels. Far better to spend that money on food to cook.

Thanks for the input. I’m not well off by any means but it was within my budget to get the containers and lids I have now. I use a 5 qt stainless steel pot for small short cooks. I use the 12qt poly container with a hinged lid for longer cooks and I use the 26qt poly container with lid when cooking whole racks of ribs or full packer brisket. They work but there is a good sized opening around the APC and I was wondering if the Nano lids would fit the new APC or if the difference in the mounting was significant enough that they would not work.

I’ve also given some though to using something like foam board and just cutting out a hole the right size and letting that rest on top of the lids I have to close up any gaps. I might give that a try first.

I am using pieces of InfraStop Double Bubble Reflective Foil Insulation cut to fit my cooking containers. I cut a hole in the bubble insulation through which I fit the Anova and let the bubble insulation float atop the water. I find it easy to lift the bubble insulation up to place food in and take food out. This works extremely well for me, both holding in the heat and preventing condensation from occurring in the APC.

I’ve said this before:
A sheet of 1’’ rigid foam insulation (the pink stuff), $6.00, from The Home Depot, under the cooking container protects the kitchen counter, and you can cut a lid out, with a coping saw.
Wrap the whole package in a couple of bath towels, and you’re done!