Cover for the cooking vessel.

Do I need to have a cover on my cooking vessel?

I wouldn’t say you need it, but it is definitely recommended, especially when you get into doing looking cooks (longer than 5 hours). This will greatly reduce water evaluation and assist with temperature stability.


Also, the APC is prone to exposure of steam if you’re not careful about the placement - you need to ensure that the vents at the back of the head/top of the APC are not subjected to steam during your cook. Otherwise the electronics tend to overheat and act up (and can mess up your cook).

Having a covered vessel (on top of preserving heat and minimizing evaporation) also eliminates this risk.

Thank you for the information, I assume the APC is the Anova. Where do I start looking for a cooking vessel? I have no idea as to what I would need. Received my Anova today. Thank you for any suggestions.

APC = Anova Precision Cooker ( I prefer MJA = Meat Jaccuzi Agitator)

Any old pot that will get the water level a bit above the MIN mark is good.

There’s at least a few threads where people have shared what they’ve done for vessels on here. If you’re having a hard time finding them, use the search function…it works pretty well. :slight_smile:

I am looking for a sous vide top to fit on my 22 qt Rubbermaid bin. I ordered one from Everie on Amazon but it didn’t fit. Andy ideas?

Did you contact Rubbermaid? :slight_smile: What is the bin made out of? (some plastics / rubbers weren’t designed for exposure to high heat - they could outgas). If it’s been certified as being food safe, then you’re good.