Rack for 16l container

Hi, I have purchased the 16l and 12l container in the last couple of weeks. The rack for the 16l doesn’t have those little rubber caps that I have on the 12l rack and seems to fall in the water very easily as a result!! Should the 16l have the caps and if not, why not?? If it should have the caps then mine are missing. First world problems I know but the rack falling in if I so much as look at it drives me mad!

I too have the 16 Liter tub with rack and with plastic caps on the rack ‘arms’. The rack will fall into the water however carefully I place it into the clips. The tub bulges due to the weight force of the water aggravated by the water temperature.

Hi. My issue is that I do not have the plastic caps on the rack. Should these come with the 16l version then? If so, they are missing from mine :cry:

Hey Chrissie! Email support@anovaculinary.com and we can help!