Rack for 16l container

Hi, I have purchased the 16l and 12l container in the last couple of weeks. The rack for the 16l doesn’t have those little rubber caps that I have on the 12l rack and seems to fall in the water very easily as a result!! Should the 16l have the caps and if not, why not?? If it should have the caps then mine are missing. First world problems I know but the rack falling in if I so much as look at it drives me mad!

I too have the 16 Liter tub with rack and with plastic caps on the rack ‘arms’. The rack will fall into the water however carefully I place it into the clips. The tub bulges due to the weight force of the water aggravated by the water temperature.

Hi. My issue is that I do not have the plastic caps on the rack. Should these come with the 16l version then? If so, they are missing from mine :cry:

Hey Chrissie! Email support@anovaculinary.com and we can help!

I have both 12L and 16L Anova containers. The polystyrene really should be more stable but, compared to similar Cambro or Rubbermaid food storage bins, they are about half the thickness. With the mass of the water (12L is about 25 pounds, 16L is 32) at a high temperature, the sides bow out and the stupid top rack falls into the water. Insanely incompetent product design. The hard plastic lid of the 16L can help stabilize the sides but the soft lid on the 12L is useless except, of course, to insulate surface convection and evaporation loss.

Anova really should do better. Do not buy these things! Visit a restaurant supply to acquire food containers but you will need to make your own lid. Or get SV-specific products, perhaps from Lipavi or Everie, items I have not tried yet so I cannot directly recommend them. Besides, who can rely on amazon reviews? That’s how I got the Anova products.

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If you can help it would be appreciated.
I have Precision Pro and 16 Ltr Container. The comments throughout the community are accurate mostly that mention the short comings of the container design imo.
Mine has the small plastic caps on the metal rack and its does bulge and the lid does not seal at 190 F.
I think if you could recommend an immersion rack that fits the 16ltr container many issues would be alleviated. There are a few to choose from in Amazon for instance but I would prefer 1 you endorse.
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