Anova 16L container (Rack issue)

This post pertains STRICTLY to Ziplock freezer bags which is completely beside the point. The rack in the 16L container made by Anova is literally useless. I’ve watched a number of videos where people are clipping things to the rack and and doing things that simply cannot be done. Items do not sink when you put them in the middle of a water bath they float. So the videos showing they’re clipping things to the rack are straight up fraud.

Here is the reality of using the rack in Anova’s 16L container.
No matter what you put into this container in the middle, it floats. Do not give me this water displacement line of shit either. Everything still floats no matter what you do. Clipping a bag to the rack now gives you a clipped floating bag and the food is no longer under water. Everything has to be put on the sides of this container.

Since food requires to be submerged, the only way to achieve that with the rack, is to have the rack itself submerged under about an inch of water. Clipping anything to the rack in this situation, results in water in the bag because the food is floating.

Since the rack has to be submerged to keep the food submerged, you use the rack to keep the food submerged which requires a lot more water. Having that much water, now limits how much food can be put into the 16L container. The more food, the higher the water level and now there is zero space between the lid and the water.

This is all because the rack has to be submerged and you cannot use the rack for what people show in the videos it’s supposed to be used for.

The only thing the rack can be used for, is a weight. In order to do this you have to break off the tabs that protrude on the side of the rack, so there is no interference, the rack can now hold down all the food you have in bags attached to the side held in place by the lid.

Clips cannot be used in the 16L container. Every video I’ve seen with people clipping things to the rack are fake. All food floats when placed into the middle of the container.

One of the first accessories that I bought for my APC bath with rack is a collection of four weights, stainless steel silicone rubber coated. A bag with a weight clipped to the rack works perfectly and does not require pearl diving in hot water.

I also use the weights for free floating stuff like particularly artichokes and brussels sprouts.

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I feel your pain. What I’ve done was vacuumed a strong magnet into a vacuum bag. Put it into the zip lock bag with the item and attached another magnet to the outside of the container. Because I could move the outside magnet up or down, I could make sure the top of the bag was submerged.

Inside magnet gets washed and put aside until it is next needed.

I’ve even tried using a magnet connected to a clip. Usually you see them on a refrigerator holding junior’s art from school. That gets clipped to the outside of the zip lock bag, and the out side magnet secures it in place. It is a bit easier to use the clip, if you have a lot of items in the water at the same time.

I have to chuckle as there are others out there like me. I have tried pushing in heavy chopping boards, containers of water, heavy cooking implements and then pushing the lid on, all to no avail. I just end up with water all over the bench top and the rack falling in on an angle which I have to fish out. The idea of the container was great, needs re-tweaking.

Chain mail.

I’m recommending an approach, not a particular product. (The Sous Vide Sinker is $35 on Amazon. )


  1. Effectively “wraps” around the sealed bag.
  2. Keeps the bag in place and submerged.
  3. Does not restrict water flow.
  4. No clean-up of magnets or weights placed in the food bag.


  1. You have to fish it out of hot water. - Use tongs or tie twine to the sinker for easy removal. The bag floats to the top.
  2. Restricts water flow on the underside of the bag. - Use a small cooling rack to place under the bag.
  3. ?