Container/set up

Looking to do some “meal prep” . The question I have is, how does everyone keep the bags from moving around the container? When only doing a couple of pieces I just clip to the side of pot. When I am doing multiple pieces or for long cooks I plan on using a cooler setup. With the lid on there is no way to clip to side. What do y’all do?

I tend to just leave things floating free when I cook in the cooler. if I expect to be pulling product out for a pinch test during the cook process I’m inclined to cut the bag extra long and hook the top edge under the cooler lid.

Use a rack or weights to keep everything submersed. Don’t let them float around!!! And don’t sink them to the bottom of the pot, or fix them to the sides. The water needs to circulate all around the package. These are basics you must know to cook safely.

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I put a little cheap wire cooling rack on the bottom, then usually clip the edges of the bag to the rack. Sometimes I’ll drop a stainless steel butter knife on top to weigh the bag down if it wants to float.

I am not sure what you are SVing, but I have rigged up a cooler that allows me to set my Annova through the lid. In the case where I am doing ribs I have a metal expandable (plate rack) that I got at Ikea. This allows me to do about 8 racks and keep them well separated. Cannot take credit for this idea saw it online.

If I have something that is really moving around (usually because I accidentally left some air in the bag) I’ll clip a spoon or knife to the bottom of the bag to weigh it down.

I put a small rack at the bottom and one on top so there is lots of circulation but little movement.

I’ve cut up an old dishwasher rack to fit into my cooking vessel. It gives multiple options on how you want to place items. I’ve done 6 racks of ribs, multiple briskets, steaks… Seems to work perfectly, if you can find a rack I guess

I cook in a Rubbermaid container with a fitted lid. I use a cheap trivet on the bottom to allow water flow under the bag. The locking container lid I use to clip the bags in place. Once in a while I use a piece of stainless flatware as a weight, but usually it’s not necessary.

I use little magnets , they work great! You can buy them on Amazon pretty cheap.