Precision cooker or precision Pro?

I’m about to pull the trigger on one of these devices but am unsure which one to get. Costco has a 1000 watt precision cooker with the 16L container on sale for $160 or I can order the 1200 watt pro at $200 (half off). Does any one have any guidance?

Hey Ed, always let your needs be your guide. Are you likely to be frequently cooking large amounts of food in a vessel larger than 4 US gallons? If so, go Pro.

Otherwise, the 1,000 watt APC easily meets the needs of most home cooks not operating a boarding house.

Be certain the unit you buy has an Anova warranty.

Good deal. I really don’t see myself using it more than a couple of times a month… mostly just me and my wife. I think I’ll go with the 1000 watt version. Thanks for the info!

Hey Ed, i hope you don’t mind being Inspector Colombo-ed, - but one more thing. It could be useful to give your new Anova a trial run before you get going on those 48-hour Short Ribs. Let it run with just water at a moderate temperature, about 140ᴼF in the US, or 60ᴼC elsewhere on the planet. About an hour will be sufficient.

Cooking equipment typically fails right out of the box, or within the first 30 days. If you are not likely to use it often, it’s better to discover any problems early than too late. After that you can count on many years of astoundingly good meals.

Happy cooking.


That’s great info. I’ll take that advice

& speaking of long cooks, ED please, if using a common old modern smart cooking pressure pot inner, get the corresponding silicone lid for it, resulting in more energy frugality, faster heat times, slower cool times & no water vapour in the kitchen / camper means no water loss.
(simple cut out leaving the edge intact) …makes a world of difference.