Anova Precision Cooker Pro

All right i receive the Anova Precision Cooker Pro about 1 month ago now and used it several time ! and i also own a polyscience CLASSIC SERIES to compare it with!
The anova is great for the price !! look great ! great clamp to secure on the side of a cambro ! way better then the polyscience clamp
heating et circulating wise they are about the same! the only place that the anova fail and this will probably prevent me to buy the 3 other i need , is the power failure security!!
With the polyscience classic , if the power fail ( witch happen very frequently where i am from , ) it will start again when power go back on ! But with the Anova pro , it doesn’t turn back on ! it stay off ! until you touch the on switch. This is very important special in the pro version since you can have several hundred dollars in meat in the water-bath!
On more comment about the Precision Pro witch i can leave with but not perfect ! is that the water level need to be very close to the edge of the container in matter to work! less then 1 inch ! with make it very easy to spill water or make the system fail for matter of low water . ( Specially in long cooking setup)
Please fix the power failure issue and i buy 3 more tomorrow!

How long does the power go out for? It might be worth investing in a UPS rather than relying on the units continuing after an interruption. Food safety and all that.

Well, I do sort of agree with you, but for a professional unit, it really should pick right back up where it left off in the case of small power fluctuations. Having a little rechargeable button cell battery holding the settings in memory and handling an immediate restart to program following a power failure would seem to be an important feature to add to V2 of the Anova Pro.

On a side note, what would the recommended size be for a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for both the Pro and Consumer Anova’s be, and how long would they keep the unit running? Power outages can be a real issue in hurricane prone areas.

Well the power will go anywhere from 1 sec to 3 minute! But after the power go out the setting are still there ! just the machine don t start again ! and you would need a huge ups to make it work ! Dont forget that the ANOVA use 1000W and most ups will do from 200w to 800 w !
Polyscience machine is lot more safe in and cost effective then buying a 400$ anova + an 800$ UPS . when you can buy the polyscience classic for 1000$

Yeah the UPS is impractical then for that cost and the time. They’ve stated in a different thread that they don’t support reset after power outages

This is a big fail