Which anova is the "best"?

Hey, Im new to sous vide and thought i would get an anova circulator. Found out there were two different, Anova one and Anova PC, the former seems to be the more powerful and the later has bluetooth. Im having a hard time decide which one to buy, would you notice the power difference? Is one more effective than the other? Difference in noise? the $20 difference is nothing that will swing me one side or the other, just looking for the best of the two performance wise.

Also lost my “Facebook Like” discount code :open_mouth: Could you send me another? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have an Anova Precision Cooker that is working very, very well for me. I also thought about getting the Anova One but decided I wanted the connectivity, which appealed to the geek in me. In the several months and many, many meals I’ve made with the APC, I’ve used the bluetooth features maybe a handful of times, and even then it was more to “play” with the unit than it was to set it up. The unit’s rolling knob works just fine thank you and the timer, while handy, is so cumbersome to initiate that I skip it and use the timer function on my cell phone.

All of that said, I’m still very happy with the APC’s performance, but I think I would have been equally happy without the Bluetooth functionality. Had I known that, I would have likely gone for the Anova One for the extra power.

For me 5 gallons of water in a vessel will handle more bags of food than I need. I cook up a fairly large batch of individually sealed chicken breasts at one time and 5 gallons is more than enough. Also, if you start out with hot tap water the preheat time is significantly reduced and all the unit has to do is maintain a constant temperature. I agree with Salisbury_Sam that I do not use the Bluetooth features all that much. Also Bluetooth has a very limited range and I loose connectivity within my house. I have not found a recipe yet where I needed to adjust anything halfway through the cooking cycle. I set the temperature and my pocket timer and come back when the time is up.

The bigger question for me is how long will I wait before I buy a second one. Meat in one vegetables in another. It would also be fun to bring one to work and have a steak seared with a torch for lunch.