Precision Cooker or Nano?

Totally new to SV. Family of 2 adults, would like to do some batch cooking and small parties. How do I know which SV to buy?

I can only compare specifications, but I do have an older precision. Do you care about connectivity from say, your smartphone to your Anova? The precision uses WiFi, while the nano uses Bluetooth. I think it’s fair to say that WiFi has better range, but truthfully I rarely use it to check on cooking progress. Perhaps the more important spec is the heating power, 1000 W (precision) v. 750 W (nano). For most meals, the lower power probably suffices, particularly if you do your sous vide in an insulated container. The higher power of the precision will heat the bath more quickly, if that’s important to you. Maybe once or twice a year, I do a 5+ lb. brisket for 36 hours, and have to haul out my largest cooler. Would you be doing anything like that? Then I might get the higher power one, because of maintaining the heat of a larger bath and hunk of meat. They only differ by $40 right now.

Hi ya @ellenalesa

When preparing my ANOVA PC bath I take advantage of my 6,000 watt water heater and fill the bath with nearly the desired temperature water. The same could be done to obviate the difference between a 1 kilowatt heater and a 3/4 kilowatt heater.

A 3/4 kilowatt heater heats the water at precisely 3/4 the rate of a 1 kilowatt heater.

Yes there are applications in which one may desire to delay heating with the heating time.