I’m eager to know what people think about their Nanos. I hung in till I finally got mine and I love it! Easy to use, easy to store and, is it me or does it bring water to temp faster?
Please let me know if you share my opinion.

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Ooooh I am curious to know this too!

Personally, I own both the Wi-FI Anova Precision Cooker and the Nano. I love them both and they both have their benefits. What I love about the Nano is that the notification sounds are very pleasant and the touch interface is easy to use. Also, it just looks really nice.

Although the Nano has a lower wattage than our older cookers, it can heat up the water faster because we made it smarter and it’s really efficient.

This is an interesting statement. Heating up the same volume of water with a lower wattage device in less time seems to go against the laws of thermodynamics.

We have an improved algorithm that is more efficient :slight_smile:

If I were to hazard a guess I’d suppose that the older units start to “throttle back” the wattage as they approach the target temp earlier than the new unit. The Nano probably keeps the wattage full on longer and then adjusts the “trickle” of power needed once target temp has been reached more intelligently.

@AlyssaWOAH I’d love to know if my “wild ass guess” is in the right ballpark! :slight_smile: