New to Sous Vide? Any burning Questions? Ask away!

Hey food nerds!

We’re here and we want to help set you up on the path to sous vide success. Any questions you have, ask away and we will answer.

Community members, feel free to jump in and provide your advice and preferences as well.

Thanks for being loyal #anovafoodnerds and we can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up!

Hi Anova Community. I have an original Anova Precision Cooker (900 Watt - Wifi). Does it have the ability to connect to a mobile device with the Anova App vis Bluetooth as well? Thanks, Ron

Hey Ron! It does. You should be able to connect to BT in app

Hi Anova Team and Anova Users,
I’m new sous-vide user, I just bought a Anova Precision Cooker Pro. I’m reading yours posts and coments. Have a great day! Thank you.