Big Piece Of Meat

Would like some guide lines for cooking a 2 to 3 kg piece of beef. All I need is time and temp.

Time is going to depend entirely on the cut. Where on the beast does it come from? 2-3 kg of scotch fillet (boned rib eye) is going to take less time than 2-3kg of chuck which is going to take less time than 2-3 kg of brisket or shin.

Temperature is entirely depended on how you want your beef. Do you like it medium rare or do you want it cooked to grey?

Hey ERR, may i disagree and suggest you need considerably more than your requested time and temperature guidelines if you want to be a competent SV cook who serves good food that gives pleasure? Please consider starting with some knowledge to prevent wasted food and resources.

If you don’t much care about your undisclosed desired cooking results, then guidelines won’t matter. I truly hope you wouldn’t cook a beef tenderloin the same as a round roast.

A discerning cook first thinks about the specific piece of meat; its cut, thickness, and degree of aging will be significant factors. Your desired outcome in terms of doneness, tenderness, and time of service are also important planning considerations.

You can satisfy your quest for SV cooking knowledge with a few of the recipes here, or even better at the following:, - select Sous Vde under Techniques.

May you be every bit as successful as you want to be.

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60c (140 degrees F) 6 hours for more tender cuts (Ribeye Roast), 12 hours less tender cuts (Bottom Round), 24 hours for tough cuts (Brisket)
This will produce a medium-rare piece of beef.